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Chain conveyor

Design chain conveyor

When designing a new continuous coating installation, the choice of a chain conveyor system is often the simplest option for transporting your products quickly, easily and efficiently between the different production processes.


High quality components are consistently used in order to guarantee reliability and extended service life of the chain conveyor. The chain conveyor offers simple operation and can be fully customized and integrated into your production process.


A chain conveyor is known as a simple, reliable handling system that requires minimal maintenance.


Every durable chain conveyor system constructed by Glasbeek is adapted and tailored to your product and production process needs. A chain conveyor consists of standard rail profiles combined with horizontal and vertical bends. The conveyor chain is driven by one or more drive units with an adjustable chain speed.

Long working life
Every design of a coating installation chain conveyor system is the product of more than 100 years of experience and development. During manufacture only the very best materials are used to guarantee a long working life and minimal maintenance.
Since the chain conveyor system is modular it is very easy to construct and expand. Max. 500 kg, max. 450°C.