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E-coat installation

Design E-coat installation

The design of the E-coat installation in combination with a chemical pretreatment results in excellent corrosion resistance and a high quality coating on the treated product.


E-coating is an environmentally friendly electrostatic painting process, where carefully developed technology means that the user is freed from concerns about reliability, functionality or maintenance.


It is possible to reduce consumption of water, electricity and gas without sacrificing the efficiency and quality of a very fine, dense and even E-coat layer on the treated metal.


Every durable E-coat installation is adapted and tailored to your product and capacity needs. The electrostatic coating process takes place in an immersion tank with waterbased paint into which the part to be painted is dipped. The chemical pre-treatment of the substrate to be treated can take place in a Glasbeek spray pretreatment tunnel or dip pretreatment bath line.

Long working life
Every E-coat installation is the product of many years of experience and development. During manufacture only the very best materials are used to guarantee a long working life and minimal maintenance.
High efficiency pumps
Glasbeek industrial pumps are carefully selected to ensure high reliability even when working under harsh operating conditions. The pumps are equipped with frequency controls to adjust the speed of the motor. This matches the capacity and power of the pump to exact capacity needs. Up to 60% energy savings are possible thanks to the speed controller.
By the use of ultrafiltration on the rinse bath after the electrophoretic process, the particles can be re-used in the E-coating installation.
Automatic Start-Stop system
Pumps and fans are automatically and gradually turned on and off by using the production Start-Stop system. The Start-Stop system helps you to reduce energy and water consumption considerably.
For each E-coat installation we can provide an appropriate solution for preparing water used in processing, wastewater treatment and water recycling.
PLC & Touch Screen
Advanced technology can be monitored on the touchscreen and controlled with an easy-to-operate PLC menu. Remote assistance using an Internet connection is fast and user friendly.