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Floor conveyor

Design floor conveyor

The choice of a floor conveyor system is often a practical and reliable solution when implementing a new coating installation. This system is ideally suited for transporting products horizontally and vertically. Stop and go positions for shuttle carriers in loading and unloading stations and transportation sections result in a compact installation that is very ease of use.


A floor conveyor system is the perfect solution for use in energy-efficient compact coating installations. It provides enormous flexibility to the user and the process. A floor conveyor system can be fully customized and integrated into your production process.


Floor conveyor systems are flexible and reliable internal transport systems for handling various grades of material, from lightweight to medium heavyweight, with a maximum operating temperature of 250°C. Every Glasbeek integrated power & free floor conveyor system is equipped with an intelligent control system that ensures that your process is highly productive, flexible and carried out to the highest standards.


Every advanced floor conveyor system constructed by Glasbeek is adapted and tailored to your product and production process needs. A floor conveyor system consists of standard track sections combined with horizontal and vertical bends, buffers, rotation sections etc. The chain is powered by one or more drive units with adjustable chain speeds.

Long working life
Every floor conveyor system constructed by Glasbeek is the product of more than 100 years of experience and development. During manufacture only the very best materials are used to guarantee a long working life and minimal maintenance.
Floor conveyor systems are modular, easy to construct and available as a single line floor transport system and as a power & free system. Max. 500 kg, max. 250°C.
TComfort Controltel
It is possible to automatically start and stop the floor mounted conveyor system outside regular production hours.
PLC & Touchscreen
Floor conveyor systems can be monitored on the touchscreen and controlled with an easy-to-operate PLC menu. Remote assistance using an Internet connection is fast and user friendly.