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Mission & Vision


Our main goal is to constantly develop new and improved installations and systems for surface treatment that can handle your products in an efficient, safe and sustainable manner. We strive to maintain our position at the top of the industrial powder and wet paint installation manufacturing industry. Glasbeek recognises its responsibility for the impact of business activities on people and the environment. We focus on new market opportunities, growth and innovation with benefits for people, society and the environment. Our position as a leading industrial plant constructor is a consequence of our dedication to our clients, to efficiency and to quality.


Throughout the world the surface treatment of materials is always in motion. The growing demand for more sustainable materials requires innovative and cost effective solutions. In many of these developments, environmental awareness and internal logistics play a crucial role. Properly thought-out manual and automated systems for surface treatment can make a considerable contribution towards making a business successful. These are the solutions that Glasbeek delivers. For each separate process and each individual company, we develop techniques and systems that simplify processes, keep employees happier and safer and deliver higher returns to entrepreneurs.


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