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Compact powder coating and wet painting installations for rim repair & tuning

Glasbeek is a big player in efficient, safe and sustainable surface treatment – but ‘big’ doesn’t always mean big in size. Besides fully-equipped installations, we also supply compact, modular powder coating and wet painting systems (for example for the wheel rim reparation and tuning industry), allowing you to start small with the option of expanding in the future.

Standard basic concept: box oven + paint booth

Glasbeek is a market leader in the Netherlands in the area of powder coating installations for wheel rim repairs and tuning. Moreover, we are also growing at an incredible rate in that sector in Germany. In collaboration with one of our rim customers, we have developed a standard basic concept that consists of a box oven and powder coating and/or wet painting booth.

Gas or electric? You decide!

The choice to heat the oven by gas or power is entirely yours. The oven has a reliable built-in JUMO temperature regulator as well as a manually operable swing-door to allow for loading of temperature-resistant product trolleys.

Modular – options for expansion

The powder wall is standardly constructed modularly (with options for expansion) and fitted with an advanced filter cleaning system. If desired, a front cabin can be included. The powder wall’s modular construction allows its capacity to be easily expanded. This lets you start small with the option of expanding, for example to a semi-automated system fully-fitted with integrated powder spray equipment.

Standard compact powder coating installation

Standaard opstelling van een poederlakinstallatie

Photo 1: Standard set-up of a powder coating installation

A standard powder coating installation (photo 1) is compact, sturdy and streamlined. This installation consists of:
– A powder wall with basic front cabin including lights
– A box oven (modified for a monorail system)
– A temperature-resistant product trolley

Powder wall expansion to a powder coating booth

Poederwand met aangebouwde cabine, compleet met deuren om de ruimte schoon te houden

Photo 2: Powder coating wall with booth annex, fitted with doors to keep the space clean

The powder wall can be expanded to a fully-equipped powder coating booth (photo 2).

Expandable to a fully-equipped semi-automatic powder coating/wet painting system

Complete poeder- en natlakinstallatie voor velgen, met PLC-besturing en afstandsbediening via telefoon of tablet

Photo 3: Fully-equipped powder coating and wet painting installation for rims, with PLC operation and remote control via telephone or tablet

The standard oven and the wet painting and powder coating booth can be expanded to a fully-equipped system, for example by combining multiple powder coating and wet painting booths with ovens and a transport system. In short – Glasbeek’s compact powder coating installation is a good basic foundation for growth in the future.

Photo 3 shows an example of a fully-equipped powder coating and wet painting installation. The installation in the photo consists of:
– A wet painting booth with lifting table and rotation system
– Powder coating booths
– Box ovens for drying wet paint and texturizing powder coating
– A monorail system with overhead distribution bridge

Extra options:
Operation of the whole system is controlled by a PLC, in some cases via phone or tablet. Manual or automatic doors can be added to seal off and keep the booth clean (photo 2).

Full testing and temperature curve reports

Velgen geprepareerd om een temperatuurcurve te maken

Photo 4: Rims being prepared for a temperature curve

Whether you’re buying a basic model or a complex installation, each and every one of our ovens is extensively tested and delivered with a temperature curve inspection report, guaranteeing that you will be able to process high-quality products in the ovens. Photo 4 shows what the temperature measurement setup looks like.