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Powder coating installation at Aluso

At the beginning of 2019, Glasbeek B.V. delivered a powder coating installation to Aluso BvBa, a subsidiary of FenekO BvBa.

Aluso BvBa specializes in customized sheet and bending work in a highly efficient and high-quality manner in the field of aluminum outside window sills, wall caps and sheet processing for the professional market. The development of the new production line has been fully focused on the use of the most modern production- and logistics technologies.

The installation is designed to coat products vertically up to a height of 4 meters and consists of an 8-phase spray pre-treatment tunnel (including central heating system and demineralized water installation), a drying oven, two powder booths including powder equipment with cleaning booth), a curing oven and a fully automated transportation system.
The colour can be changed per load bar.


Poedercoatinstallatie voor Aluso