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Oven applications

Glasbeek designs, produces and assembles different types of ovens, including chamber ovens, conveyer ovens, continuous ovens and high temperature ovens (up to 500°C). Glasbeek is setting a new standard in our industry, thanks to modern industrial design.

Standard uses

Each type of oven can be used for various applications. Below are a number of standard uses for Glasbeek ovens:

  • Powder coating ovens for gelling and curing powder coatings
  • Drying ovens for drying and curing wet coatings
  • Water-drying ovens and drying ovens for drying products after chemical pre-treatment
  • High temperature ovens for gelling and curing PTFE and Teflon coatings, among others. These ovens are also used for coating baking trays – Glasbeek works with Chemours and ILAG in this area. Thanks to this collaboration, Glasbeek has grown into a business which is able to deliver 500⁰C ovens worldwide.

Special applications

In addition, there are also a number of special applications for Glasbeek ovens:

  • Curing ovens for curing composites. Glasbeek is a supplier of ovens for many composite producers, including different suppliers in the aircraft construction sector. Glasbeek has developed and produced ovens for curing the composite fuel pipes for Airbus aircrafts.
  • Curing ovens for drying sealants and plastics. In this sector, Glasbeek has developed and produced ovens for curing sealants at Voestalpine. Another specific production process is the hardening of sealants for Mercedes AMG bonnets.
Long working life
Every durable Glasbeek oven is the result of more than 100 years of experience and development. During manufacture only the very best materials are used to guarantee a long working life and minimal maintenance.
Energy efficient heat exchanger
Outstanding heat transfer is achieved by the use of a durable high-efficiency Glasbeek heat exchanger constructed from high-grade, heat-resistant materials with a large heated surface.
High efficiency burners
Powerful microprocessors continuously control and monitor the combustion process to ensure maximum efficiency. All burners are fully automatic and offer easy operation and maintenance.
DDS – Dynamic Drive System
The ventilator engine drive system is equipped with an integrated frequency converter to control the adjustable air velocity.
HPA – High Precision Airflow
The evenly distributed ducts in the oven allow for direct airflow to the products and a uniform temperature distribution in the oven.
Rockwool Insulation
Rockwool is a strong, rigid mineral wool insulation specifically designed for the thermal insulation of Glasbeek oven panels exposed to high temperatures.
Comfort Control
The comfort control allows for automatic startup and cooling down of the oven and fans.
A fail-safe thermostat protects the oven against excessive temperatures.
We supply appropriate solutions for each oven system that save energy and fuel.
PLC & Touchscreen
Advanced oven technology can be monitored on the touchscreen, with control and registration features included in a clear PLC menu. Remote assistance using an Internet connection is fast and user friendly.